Total Dance work in over 20 primary schools ACROSS LEEDS AND WAKEFIELD delivering curricular and extra-curricular sessions. Our philosophy to providing outstanding coaching services is simple; we put the child at the centre of everything we do. By doing this we can ensure that each and every child has the chance to progress, develop and enjoy sport in a structured and safe environment.




    At TOTAL DANCE we believe that DANCE is for all, and everyone should be able to access high quality Sports Provision in their academic week. We also believe that every child has a sTYLE that they will connect with for a lasting time, it is often just a case of finding the STYLE that they LOVE! As a result we offer a HUGE range including:


    Street dance, Theatre dance, jazz dance, tap dance, dance aerobics, bollywood dance, carnival dance , irish dance, african dance , cheerleading, prop dance, And much more…


    Our ability to offer such a wide range of dance means that we can deliver, within curriculum subjects, a versatile and engaging lesson. Our highly qualified, helpful and reliable team will ensure that the sessions run in accordance with your school policies with a focus on differentiation, progression, assessment and most of all FUN!

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    “The coach is a fantastic teacher. The PE here has been lifted to a different level and the teachers and teaching assistants are gaining skills that they did not have before.” K Sutcliffe, Headteacher


    Our team of skilled coaches are able to offer year round support for the delivery of curriculum based coaching providing services in the form of Planning, Preparation and Assessment (PPA) cover or Continual Professional Development (CPD) services.


    Our Curriculum Coaching services include:

    • Full session plans drawn up in-line with County Council Curriculums

    • Highly qualified staff with Level 2 NGB qualifications
    • Assessment strategies that incorporate Peer-to-Peer Assessment,

    Self-Evaluation and Digital Assessment:
    • Ofsted focused resources, plans and observation procedures

    • A focus on teamwork through positive role modelling



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    Total Dance believe that Dance is an important factor in a child’s physical and mental development. It is an excellent way for children to express themselves, learn co-ordination and enjoy being with their peers.


    Our sessions are fun, energetic and designed to Motivate, Educate and allow all learners to Participate. They improve stamina, strength, flexibility, co-ordination, movement, memory, creativity and fine-motor skills.


    We pride ourselves on an excellent Early Years provision which has seen us work with a growing base of Nurseries and Reception Classes.